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TXOne Networks offer cybersecurity solutions to protect your industrial control systems to ensure their reliability and safety from cyberattacks.

Threat Landscape

ICS vulnerabilities can be easily exploited and are being targeted in ever greater numbers. Some of these systems include legacy devices that were designed before cybersecurity became a serious concern, and are vulnerable to modern digital threats. In many cases it’s inconvenient to install patches and updates to treat vulnerabilities. Our complicated work environments are made up of multiple layers that need in-depth defense, but the responsibility for the security of these combined layers is traditionally unclear. We are seeing more and more breaches and incidents occurring in the Industrial world, and not only can businesses be significantly disrupted but also human lives can be put at risk.

What We Do

TXOne Networks provides solutions for tackling security weaknesses prevalent across industrial environments. We listen to the needs of both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop the best actionable approach within partnering companies. The result is customized technology that goes beyond traditional security tools to mitigate complex challenges. Given the ICS environments are layered and composed of a variety of equipment in different operating systems, TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner. Both IT and OT can have comprehensive visibility regarding the ICS assets, protocols, control commands, risks, and threats. The goal is not only to maximize ICS protection, but also to keep the business and operation running even when security is being breached in some way.

Our Mission

TXOne Networks’ mission is to provide practical cybersecurity solutions to safeguard and accelerate the progress of automation and data exchange in the industrial world.

Meet the Executives

Our seasoned executive team is just as passionate as our threat and vulnerability experts about making the world safe for digital information exchange. Together we establish a vision of expanding boundaries, challenging assumptions, and building a safer future.

Akihiko Omikawa

Akihiko Omikawa

Chairman of TXOne Networks,
Board Member and Executive Vice President of Trend Micro

Terence Liu

Terence Liu

GM of TXOne Networks,
Vice President of Trend Micro

Join Our Team

When you join TXOne, you become part of a unique and diverse global family, working towards securing today's connected world. Our history of nearly 30 years is marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and vision that ensure our products are always on the cutting edge of the cybersecurity field.