TXOne StellarEnforce™
System Lockdown Software for Mission-Critical Devices

Key Features



  • Application trust listing
  • USB device trust listing
  • Maintenance mode
  • Write protection
  • Integrity monitoring
  • File-less attack prevention
  • Exploit protection
  • Trust list management
  • Pre-scan (malware inspection during install)
  • Role-based administration
  • Support for both scheduled and on-demand AV scans (StellarEnforce AV Edition)
  • Log aggregation
  • Intelligent runtime learning


Management Console (StellarOneTM)

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Notifications designed to minimize alert fatigue
  • Account management
  • Syslog forwarding
  • Trusted certificate management
  • Support for IOC integration
  • Integrate MITRE ICS IDs in event logs
  • Scan exclusion management