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TXOne: Shielding Your Essentials TXOne: Shielding Your Essentials

TXOne: Shielding Your Essentials

Adaptive Cybersecurity Solution for OT Shop Floor Security Control

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Network Segmentation

Deploy network segmentation to create easily defensible zones with high visibility within the perimeter of your enterprise network


OT-Focused Technology

Take full control of your operations network by tracking all changes to ICS devices


Threat Defense Expertise

Protect your industrial network from advanced cyber threats and risks posted by hackers or malicious insiders

allterrain ICS Cybersecurity solutions

TXOne Networks Adaptive ICS Cybersecurity

Our solution is focused on ICS security architecture and security control, requiring no changes to existing architecture.

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The White House urges improved cybersecurity for work sites

United States government has released recommendations to improve ICS cybersecurity.

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About TXOne Networks

TXOne Networks’ mission is to provide pragmatic and practical cybersecurity solutions to accelerate the progress of automation and data exchange in the industrial world.

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