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Malware inspection and cleanup tool for air-gapped systems and standalone PCs

Continuity of security inspections is integral to a modern work site defense plan. Without it personnel, process, and technology are all vulnerable. The correct solution for scanning and cleanup streamline the necessities: supply chain security auditing, inspection of all devices that visitors bring on-site , and checkups for air-gapped assets. TXOne Networks’ adaptive ICS cybersecurity solutions offer a convenient USB form-factor easy for non-experts to use, with LED lights that show the inspection result after scanning either Windows or Linux devices. To eliminate the shadow OT, asset information will be collected during every scan and sent to the central management console where it’s easily reviewed and archived. This installation-free device’s portability and user-friendliness is tailored to the fast-moving needs of ICS environments and fits in the palm of your hand.

Product Portfolios
Trend Micro Portable SecurityTM 3
  • Endpoint security inspection with no software installation required
  • Conduct a regular security inspections easily with user-friendly plug-and-scan technology
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