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Efficient Inline Threat Detection to Support Continuous Production Line Operation
Mission-Critical Machine Management and Incident Response

Centralized Management

Pattern updates, firmware management, and provisioning can all be centralized on a large scale. For facilities with many EdgeFire™ nodes, the TXOne OT Defense Console™ (ODC) can help administer and manage those nodes.


OT Protocol Trust List Control of Mission-Critical Machines

Allowing for interoperability between key nodes and the deep analysis of L2-L7 network traffic. This includes providing traffic information and event logs, detecting attacks early, and trust list-based filtering of control commands.


Improve Shadow OT Visibility and Integrate IT and OT Networks

EdgeFire™ comes equipped to make your IT and OT networks as integrated and coordinated with each other as possible, and to grant visibility of your shadow OT environment.


Signature-Based Virtual Patching

Through virtual patching your network has a powerful, up-to-date first line of defense against known threats, specifically designed to protect unpatched devices and legacy OSes.


Switch Between Two Flexible Modes, ‘Monitor’ & ‘Protect’

Monitor mode and protect mode are designed to preserve your productivity while maximizing security. In monitor mode, EdgeFire™ provides anomaly detection along with information logs. In protect mode, EdgeFire™ stops and blocks malicious actions while still providing incident logs.


Support for a Wide Range of Industrial Protocols

EdgeFire™ supports most of the OT protocols used by well-known companies, allowing OT and IT security system administrators to collaborate.


Top Threat Intelligence (ZDI) and Analytics

EdgeFire™ provides advanced protection against unknown threats with its up-to-date threat information. With the help of the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) vulnerability rewards program, EdgeFire™ offers your systems exclusive protection from undisclosed and zero-day threats.


Flexible Segmentation and containment

EdgeFire™ is the ideal solution for segmenting a network into security zones.


Inline Threat Defense for Continuous Production Line Operation, Key Asset Protection, and Incident Response

Threat defense must become more natural and intuitive as information technology and operational technology become more integrated. In traditional industrial environments, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are usually operated separately -- each with its own network, maintenance task force, goals, and needs. In addition, the industrial environment is filled with tools and devices that were not designed for connection to a corporate network – and this makes providing timely security patches and updates extremely difficult. Our EdgeFire™ next generation firewall helps you streamline and perfect the utility of your in-depth cyber defense.

Equipped with the Flexibility to Fit into Your Production Environments

  • Easy on-site deployment and network segmentation
  • Works stand-alone or synergizes well with OT Defense Console™
  • Certified industrial-grade hardware with the compact size, power consumption, wide thermal operation range and durability tailored for OT environments and industrial cabinet design
  • Ruggedized to work well in harsh temperatures
  • Protect vulnerable unpatched devices and legacy systems
  • Signature-based virtual patching protects your assets against OT exploits
  • More features for segmentation and NAT
  • Operate with a high level of asset visibility using passive asset identification and IT/OT traffic communication within OT networks
  • Minimize downtime for patching or maintenance
  • Smooth monitoring and event log creation
  • Increase Shadow OT visibility
  • Purify OT network communication



One solution. Multiple Environments.

Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

OT-Aware Operational Intelligence

OT-Aware Operational Intelligence

Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching

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EdgeFire™ Industrial Next Generation Firewall Series

Inline Threat Defense for Continuous Production Line Operation, Key Asset Protection, and incident Response