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A purpose-built high port density appliance, designed for IT-OT convergence cybersecurity in highly automated smart factories with IT-friendly deployment and management.

The World's First Flexible Deployment, High Port Density IPS Array for OT Core Network Defense

The EdgeIPS Pro comes equipped with a standard 1U rack-mount with 48 ports (24 segments) or a 2U rack-mount with 96 ports (48 segments) for large-scale production lines. The swappable extendable module card provides the flexibility to support different network segmentation requirements, set up for smooth maintenance. EdgeIPS Pro can be switched between “Monitor” and “Prevention” modes based on business intention for the best in-line protection or non-disruptive security awareness.

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OT-Native IPS Technology with IT-Friendly Deployment and Management

EdgeIPS Pro is the first of its kind: a cybersecurity appliance to protect large scale production lines, built to natively support OT multi-segmentation with IT-friendly deployment and management. There are four main advantages to adopting EdgeIPS Pro in your smart factory: centralized management, operational continuity, shop floor protection, and flexible deployment.

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Risk Mitigation and Network Protection with Internal Segmentation IPS (ISIPS)

EdgeIPS Pro is an advanced ISIPS (Internal Segmentation IPS) for implementing network segmentation in a large-scale OT network environment without changing existing network architecture, augmenting OT network security with outbreak prevention, neutralizing intra-zone infection, and risk mitigation.

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OT-Aware Operational Intelligence

Built with TXOne's One-Pass DPI for Industry (TXODI™), it provides the ability to create and edit a network trust list, allowing for interoperability between key nodes and deep analysis of L2 to L7 network traffic.


Ensure Operational Continuity with Hardware Bypass

Equipped with Gen3 hardware bypass for each segment, ensuring operational continuity for every production line.

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Signature-Based Virtual Patching

Shield the OT network and vulnerable endpoints with virtual patch technology, the up-to-date first line of defense against known threats.


Top Threat Intelligence (ZDI) and Analytics

EdgeIPS provides advanced protection against unknown threats with its up-to-date threat information. With the help of the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) vulnerability reward program, EdgeIPS offers your systems exclusive protection from undisclosed and zero-day threats.


Centralized Management

Pattern updates, firmware management, and provisioning can all be centralized on a large scale. For facilities with many nodes, the TXOne OT Defense Console (ODC) can help administer and manage those nodes.


Improve Shadow OT Visibility

EdgeIPS Pro comes equipped to make your OT networks as integrated and coordinated with each other as possible, and to grant visibility of your shadow OT environment.


Flexible Deployment

EdgeIPS Pro comes with swappable hardware expansion module cards bearing 24 ports for 12 segments, making it extendable all the way to 96 ports with 48 segments for its 2U form factor. Through this flexibility, administrators can add and remove cards according to their needs for network architecture.

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World's First Intent-Based Industry IPS Array for IT-OT Convergence Cybersecurity

EdgeIPS Pro is the world’s first ISIPS array, designed to provide OT cybersecurity for large scale highly-automated factories and smooth maintenance by your IT security team or OT security expert. Created using the solid ICS security building block EdgeIPS, but specifically developed for environments requiring multiple network segments. The swappable, extensible module card allows for flexible deployment based on business intention, creating ideal network segmentation without altering existing network architecture. The high level of in-depth sensitivity to OT protocols allows administrators to design a scenario-based network trust list for machine-to-machine access control, while the Virtual Patch function can offer asset owners the security shielding they need to protect vulnerable OT assets and networks.

Advanced ISIPS (Internal Segmentation IPS) Standard Rack-Mounted Appliance  

  • High performance at either 10 Gbps (1U EdgeIPS Pro 1048) or 20 Gbps (2U EdgeIPS Pro 2096) with threat prevention enabled
  • Extendable module card design for easy on-site deployment and network segmentation
  • Equipped for operational continuity with Gen 3 hardware bypass and redundant power
  • Works stand-alone or synergizes well with ODC
  • OT-aware operationally intelligent, with built-in TXODITM engine
  • Standard server-grade hardware
  • Protects vulnerable unpatched devices and legacy systems with signature-based virtual patch technology
  • Operate with a high level of asset visibility using passive asset identification and IT/OT traffic communication within OT networks
  • Zero configuration, minimizing downtime for patching or maintenance
  • Increases visibility, eliminating the shadow OT
  • Purifies OT network communication
  • Smooth monitoring of events and traffic
  • Build in redundant power to ensure failsafety


One solution. Multiple Environments.

Central Management for Large-Scale OT Production Lines
Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

OT-Aware Operational Intelligence

OT-Aware Operational Intelligence

Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching

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EdgeIPS™ Pro

Intent-Based Industrial Intelligent IPS Array