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StellarEnforce optimizes operational efficiency for mass deployment and maintenance in large factories while reducing the chance of downtime and operational cost. StellarEnforce protects fixed-function devices from malware infection or unauthorized changes, including Industrial Control Systems (ICS), HMIs, SCADA, points of sale (POS), ATMs, and other embedded systems. StellarEnforce was specially designed to secure your legacy systems – it does this through its lockdown function, which limits execution of applications only to those that are necessary for daily operations. Through this technology StellarEnforce prevents cyber incidents without relying on pattern files.

30-Day Free Trial

Try the industrial-grade trust list-based ICS endpoint solution, TXOne StellarEnforce™, free for 30 days


Minimize Impact on Performance

The core framework of TXOne StellarEnforce™ protects systems by allowing only pre-registered applications and services to execute. StellarEnforce conveniently protects performance on your mission-critical systems, providing more stability than traditional cybersecurity software, which requires an internet connection, periodic updates, and regular malware scans.


Streamlined Trust Listing

With trust listing, only pre-registered applications and services can run, so that mission-critical systems are protected from malware with minimal impact to performance. Unlike traditional cybersecurity software, StellarEnforce requires no internet connection, no periodic updates, and no regular malware scans.


Legacy Asset Protection

Because StellarEnforce requires no regular updates and supports a variety of Microsoft operating systems past their end-of-service date (Windows 2000, Windows XP, and more), it secures systems while still allowing for maximized productivity.


USB Device Trust Listing

Unauthorized USB devices are automatically refused access on critical systems to prevent insider threats. Administrators can give access permissions to approved devices on a case-by-case, one-time-use basis, allowing assets to be secured from one of the most dangerous attack vectors in the OT environment.


Centralize Endpoint Security Management with TXOne StellarOne™

Unified endpoint security management console StellarOne integrates MITRE ICS IDs and IOC information for a holistic view of security posture.


4-in-1 Lockdown

StellarEnforce secures operational integrity with 4-in-1 lockdown: operation lockdown, USB device lockdown, data lockdown, and configuration lockdown, efficiently reducing both the chance of downtime and cost of resilience.

Protect your OT environments with industrial-grade system lockdown security.

Specialized protection for mission-critical devices:
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Engineering Workstations (EWS)

Engineering Workstations (EWS)

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TXOne StellarEnforce™

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