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ICS owners and operators can mitigate the risk of insider threat while transferring files with Portable Security Pro Edition’s 64GB of encrypted secure storage, in addition to its malware scanning and asset info collection for standalone computers and air-gapped systems.

No Software Installation Required

By loading scanning software onto a portable tool resembling a USB flash drive, malware detection and removal are facilitated without installing software on the target systems. This allows you to perform on-demand malware scans whenever and wherever required, and you never have to worry about performance impact on scanned devices.


Easy Operation

The portable malware scanning tool can be used across multiple ICS or endpoint devices. You can launch multiple connected scanning tools on multiple endpoints simultaneously. The built-in notification LEDs display the status of the malware scan, making operation quick and convenient.


OT Visibility Insight

Portable Security collects a detailed snapshot of asset data including computer information, Windows Update status, and application lists. This information is collected effortlessly while the scan is being performed. Asset data can now be collected from standalone PCs and devices in air-gapped systems that were previously undetected using asset discovery and management tools. Asset information can be exported from the Management Program to CSV files.


Centralized Management

The Portable Security Management Program provides an integrated view of scans occurring across multiple scanning tools and endpoints. Pattern file updates, configuration deployment, and correlation of scan logs and asset information can all be performed through this program to meet administrators’ policy requirements.


Secure Transporter

Equipped with an AES-256 hardware encryption engine, TMPS3 Pro’s 64GB of secure storage allows ICS owners and operators to carry sensitive data in air-gapped environments while ensuring the business’ operational integrity.


Easily Secure Air-Gapped Systems

Portable Security Pro makes it much easier for ICS owners and operators to scan for malware and collect asset info on standalone computers as well as air-gapped systems. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, Portable Security scans and cleans up malware without installing scanning software, showing status with an easy-to-understand LED display. During the scan, Portable Security 3 also collects asset information, helping to improve OT visibility and eliminate shadow OT. The Management Program can deploy scanning configuration settings to multiple scanning tools, either remotely or physically. It also compiles and integrates the scan logs and asset information from multiple scanning tools in multiple locations, providing a holistic view of all endpoints. TMPS3 Pro is also equipped for secure file transfer, allowing end users to mitigate insider threats to air-gapped and standalone environments by transporting sensitive data with its 64GB of AES-256 hardware encrypted storage.

Portable Security Pro fits flexibly into your daily security routines

  • Periodically scan your mission-critical assets
  • Inspect incoming or outgoing devices
  • Collect and centralize asset information
  • Transfer sensitive data with secure storage


One solution. Multiple Environments.

One solution. Multiple environments.
Portable Security supports multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux, from legacy versions to the latest builds. Even Windows XP or Windows 7 can be secured. Multiple platforms are securely protected with a single scanning tool.
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows



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