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Reduce attack surfaces in your hospital environment by hardening legacy Windows OS endpoints and filtering out malicious attacks on the network layer, as well as conducting network access control for data transmission on insecure protocols such as HL7 and DICOM.

In a hospital, operational interruptions cost lives

Malicious actors will eagerly target healthcare centers, knowing that they'll feel a tremendous pressure to pay the ransom to recover the compromised system and save lives. Prevent ransomware attacks from causing operational paralysis in your hospital by deploying TXOne Networks solutions within your runtime environment.




Detect and prevent ransomware propagation in your network

Protect critical endpoints from ransomware by hardening your system. Rapidly clean up infected endpoints to minimize recovery time.

5 reasons to protect your hospital 
data with TXOne

  • Effective network segmentation, virtual patch (IPS) and network containment through robust network appliances, preventing ransomware propagation
  • Granular control over healthcare protocols with support for 50+ variant IT and OT protocols for hospital network access control (HL7, DICOM, Modbus and more)
  • Lock down mission-critical endpoint assets using whitelisting technology, immunizing your system to ransomware
  • Quickly and conveniently remove ransomware via our plug-and-scan USB technology
  • Provide central and individual management options perfectly suited to different management roles