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Your oil & gas operation uses IoT sensors and other monitoring capabilities to track well production and pipeline operations across manufacturing, refining, and distribution processes. While enhancing efficiency, these IIoT technologies also create security vulnerablitites and expand the attack surface. Lack of threat visibility and security controls put energy companies' production operations at risk, but through intent-based segmentation and other cutting-edge technologies we can mitigate cyber threats while protecting your bottom line.

Policy control simplifies cybersecurity

TXOne prioritizes policy control, a cybersecurity solution based on making a list of what is allowed instead of what isn't allowed. Through policy control, behavior that is usual and necessary to your work site is protected while unusual, potentially malicious behavior is stopped.



Deploy network segmentation to protect your ICS

Is your critical infrastructure based on a flat network, allowing intruders easy movement? TXOne Networks' cybersecurity solutions are focused on breaking your network up into smaller zones so that privileges can be tightly controlled and hackers can't easily move from node to node.

5 advantages of protecting refineries & factories with TXOne

  • Network segmentation makes your whole network easier to manage and protect
  • Built on Trend Micro's powerful threat research and tracking
  • Uniquely sensitive to protocols specific to your industry
  • Cloud-based management for total centralization of multiple assets
  • Varied solutions for different kinds of networks and endpoints