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The foundations of any smart factory are its data collection, data sharing and data analysis. To secure dataflow at the shop floor level (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest), TXOne Networks offers two major types of ICS security protection: network attack prevention and endpoint device protection.

Streamline your manufacturing process

Ensure both Process Automation (PA) and Factory Automation (FA), repelling attacks on difficult-to-manage endpoints and shadow OT network architecture. Our solutions help you implement network segmentation to increase visibility and break your network up into easy-to-maintain zones, making work site defense a snap.


Adaptive ICS Cybersecurity Deployment
txone-prod-map-bg txone-prod-map-bg

Without any changes to existing network architecture

Our solutions fit into current and future factory environments without any change to existing network architecture. TXOne Adaptive Cybersecurity Solutions fulfill two major methodologies as proposed by the NIST 800-82 Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, 'ICS Security Architecture' and 'Applying Security Controls to ICS'.

5 reasons to protect your smart factory data with TXOne

  • Effective network segmentation, virtual patch (IPS) and network containment through robust network appliances
  • Granular control over popular OT Protocols, with support for more than 50+ variant IT and OT protocols for ICS (Modbus, MITSUBISHI-SLMP, CC-Link IE, EthernetIP/CIP, Profinet and more)
  • Use whitelisting to lock down mission-critical endpoint assets
  • Use our convenient plug-and-scan USB technology to create your periodic inspection routine
  • Provide central and individual management options to fit different management roles