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Cripple cyber threats before they execute and put an end to any kind of malicious activity on your network with TXOne's specialized solutions for smart grid networks and end points. With a special sensitivity to smart grid-specialized protocols including IEC 104 and OPC Classic, we can preserve your latency, optimize your network, and provide your critical assets with convenient, maximized protection.

Tailored to your industrial protocols

Our solutions come equipped with a special sensitivity to ICS protocols to keep latency extra low on the smartgrid, protecting the delicate functionality of the system.





Simplify and centralize security management

Using TXOne solutions to deploy network segmentation makes it more convenient to monitor and secure your network as well as significantly decreasing the number of attack surfaces left open to bad actors.

5 advantages of using TXOne technology to safeguard your smartgrid

  • TXOne solutions synergize to change increasingly complex security management into simple, centralized procedures
  • Smartgrid-targeting attacks can lay in wait for years before it strikes -- unless discovered by detection technology like our Portable Security 3
  • Our technology is designed for intent-based segmentation, creating a simplified and secure network based directly around your work site's needs
  • Shield vulnerable legacy or unpatchable systems with our virtual patch technology
  • We provide a variety of solutions to guard against every modern cyber threat and maintain cutting-edge labs to update threat information regularly