Securing Autonomous Mobile Robots
This proof of concept shows how to provide cyber defenses tailored to the needs of AMRs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed these robots to the front lines and seen them charged with more critical tasks than ever before. Meanwhile, the advantages brought to the shop floor by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) come hand-in-hand with the potential for increasingly dangerous cyber incidents. Like many assets that are now industrial mainstays, robots were designed for a time before current trends in network technology. This has left them in need of cyber defenses that can stand against targeted attacks without impeding operational efficiency.


This proof of concept contains collaborative research showing how TXOne Networks’ EdgeIPS is well-suited to AMR security, which requires cyber defenses to be:

  • Kept up-to-date with the vulnerabilities that affect AMRs, including those in Robot Operating System (ROS) or the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD)
  • Lightweight, scalable, and interoperable
  • Easily maintained with a long mean time between failure
  • Able to facilitate high connectivity